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Damon Wayans, Jr and Eliza Coupe play Brad and Jane Williams on ABC’sHappy Endings.  The show revolves around the lives of a group of friends in Chicago who must decide whether or not to remain friends after the couple that brought them together separates.  Wayans and Coupe recently answered questions about their characters and the series for an assembled media panel.

Question> Hi guys.  Congratulations on the pickup of Season 2.  Are you surprised by the success of the show or did you have a feeling it’d be a hit?

Damon Wayans, Jr.> You going to take this Coupe-a-dupe?

Eliza Coupe> I’ll take it, I’ll take it. I think that given the fact that all the odds seemed to be against us in the beginning of Season 1 – I kind of thought it would go, although I did chop off all my hair thinking it wasn’t going to go, so maybe that actually helped.

Damon Wayans, Jr.> But you look good now.

Eliza Coupe> You do.  You look good on the other end of this call.

Question> I also wanted to ask you guys, the cast is full of some pretty funny people.  How do you guys manage to keep a straight face?  And are there any tricks you use to keep yourself from laughing?  And who makes you laugh the most?  It’s like three, actually.

Damon Wayans, Jr.> I have no tricks.  I laugh whenever it’s funny, so I waste time.  And we actually – you know what’s funny, that we all try and make each other break and we like to actually stay in there longer just to make each other laugh. And I don’t really think anybody’s mastered a technique on not laughing, it’s just fun.  I like that.

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