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Christina Aguilera on Glamour Magazine

She rarely leaves the house. Her nails are blissfully unmanicured. She calls dates with her husband “Mommy and Daddy nights-out.” Could the sexiest diva in the business have actually become a good girl? You decide.

GLAMOUR: You’re obviously back into fighting shape, so let’s discuss this workout of yours: boxing, running backward on a treadmill while going uphill, crunches, weights, pull-ups–it sounds brutal.

CHRISTINA AGUILERA: [Laughs.] I hate working out–I have to mentally push myself through it. I can get very whiny, saying things like, “I can’t do it!”

GLAMOUR: Does your trainer crack the whip when you get like that?

CA: No–I can’t deal with having someone barking at me. Mean training is not motivating to me at all; I like to be comforted [through my workout]. All my trainer has to do is say nicely, “I want you to do 200 bicycles; go right through it and don’t stop.” Then I’ll know she’s serious and I’ll do it. I started out not being able to do man push-ups; pull-ups were a big one too. Now I can do five in a row.

GLAMOUR: You look great, Christina. How quickly did you notice a change in your body?

CA: Being the perfectionist that I am, my attitude was, this had better hurry up–I want results! My trainer kept saying, “Give it time, you’re looking great.” Everyone around me was saying they could see a difference, but, you know, you’re hardest on yourself. I did see my stomach get flatter and tighter and more muscle definition.


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