‘Happy Endings’ creator reveals what would have happened to Penny and Dave

It’s been almost a year since ABC sadly canceled its incredibly undervalued sitcom Happy Endings after its third season, and the bite still stings — especially since VH1 teased fans by airing the entire series on New Year’s Day, thereby reminding viewers just what a gem this little ensemble comedy was.

Show creator David Caspe and fiancée Casey Wilson (who starred on the series as perennially unlucky-yet-unswervingly plucky Penny) called in to EW’s TV Editors Hour on Sirius XM to talk about the dearly departed series and what they hope would have happened for the characters. Specifically, we inquired whether Penny and Dave (Zachary Knighton) would ever have gotten together, as a budding romance between the two was briefly suggested in the second season.

“I don’t think we would have done the Dave and Penny thing,” Caspe said. “Our show is not at all a soap opera. Some of these other comedies are able to go a little more melodramatic than I ever liked, and any time we tried to do it, sometimes it felt a little false. I don’t think anyone really wanted to see Dave have to date his ex-fiancée’s best friend. There’s just something about that that’s kind of mean. I didn’t want to have to have Penny and Alex hate each other for five episodes.”

In fact, Caspe put the kibosh on any other romances happening in the group of six (in which four were single and three were straight). “I don’t know if Dave and Alex would have ended up together, but we probably wouldn’t have had anyone within the group of friends ever date another person [in the group].”


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‘Happy Endings’ cast gets ‘Quinnterviewed’

Get More:

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Happy Endings EPs Reveal What Would’ve Happened in Season 4

Sad Happy Endings fans hoping for closure in the wake of the ABC comedy’s untimely (and no-longer-unofficial) cancellation are in luck.

No, sorry — not luck as in the beloved sitcom which boasted the rapidest-fire repartee this side of Gilmore Girls is Kickstarting its way to the big screen a la Veronica Mars. Just luck as in series creator David Caspe and executive producer Jonathan Groff are breaking their silence about the show’s fight for survival (and how close they were to sealing a deal with USA), the amahzing legacy the series leaves behind and what they had in mind for season 4 (Penny and Dave?).

TVLINE | The talks with USA Network — how close were you to a deal?
It was as close as it could come without happening.
GROFF | I think USA, to their credit, really wants to be in the business of making original programming. It sounded like it would have been hard for them to do everything they wanted to do in terms of development [had they picked up the show].

TVLINE | Were there any other serious suitors in the mix?
CASPE | I think there were. We don’t know the specifics; that’s all sort of above our pay grade. But there were ongoing talks with a lot of places. It just didn’t work out. The truth is, how many shows have moved networks ever? It’s very difficult to do, and there’s probably some financial algorithmic reason for that that I don’t even understand.
GROFF | Sony took the lead on this and was really great about pounding the pavement. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re like, “Is there one more last call we can make to pull this off?”


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It’s Official: No Season 4 For Happy Endings

Very sad news, guys. I had been holding out hope that a network would come to the rescue for our beloved show. Sadly, that has not happened. R.I.P. Happy Endings. </3

Happy Endings won’t get one: The cancelled ABC comedy is officially done and will not continue on another network, TVLine has confirmed.

Sony Pictures TV, which produces the series, has ended its search for a new home for the ensemble sitcom.

As we told you earlier this week, the cast’s contract options expire this weekend, and no network has stepped up to continue the quirky comedy.

A possible move to USA Network — widely believed to be Endings‘ most likely savior — was nixed earlier this month. NBC and TBS reportedly were possible contenders as well, but neither panned out.


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Happy Endings’ Options Dwindling in Wake of USA Network’s Failed Rescue Attempt

It’s looking less likely that Happy Endings will live up to its title.

Three weeks after ABC pulled the plug on the beloved (yet under-watched) comedy, sources confirm to TVLine that the show’s Season 4 options are narrowing now that USA Network has passed on picking up the series.

According to Vulture, which first broke the news of the collapse in talks between Happy Endings producer Sony and USA, TBS (which famously rescued Cougar Town from ABC’s scrap heap) and NBC remain in the mix. TVLine’s sister site Deadline, meanwhile, has floated the idea Netflix or Amazon acquiring the show.

“Sony is still working on it,” a Happy source tells TVLine. “They’re battlers.”

But time is running out. Sony’s options on the show’s principal cast are set to expire later this month.


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HQ Season 2 Screen Caps Completed

#2.10 – “The Shrink, The Dare, Her Date And Her Brother”
#2.11 – “Meat the Parrots”
#2.12 – “Makin’ Changes!”
#2.13 – “The St. Valentine’s Day Maxssacre”
#2.14 – “Everybody Loves Grant”

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“Happy Endings” Scoop from TVLine

Question: For the love of a Happy Ending, any word on whether or not USA Network will right a terrible wrong? —Tiera
Ausiello: No news is, in this case, pretty good news. Negotiations continue between Sony and USA, which tells me that the cabler remains seriously interested in giving the show a fourth season. Meanwhile, if the talks collapse — bite your tongue, Ausiello! — it’s an inevitability that Damon Wayans Jr. will find himself back on New Girl next season in some capacity. (You’ll recall Wayans appeared in the New Girl pilot, but was forced to drop out when Happy Endings earned a surprise second season; Lamorne Morris’s Winston was brought in to fill the void.) Jake Johnson, who’s currently shooting the comedy Let’s Be Cops with Wayans in Atlanta, says he’d be thrilled to “welcome [Wayans'] Coach back to the loft,” adding, “I would be surprised if he doesn’t come back for a while” should Happy Endings fail to find a new home. “There would be such funny episodes with the Coach seeing what’s happened in the past two years since he’s [been] gone.”


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Happy Endings Axed By ABC, Next Stop USA?

And now for some not-so-ah-mazing news: ABC has pulled the plug on Happy Endings.

USA Network has expressed interest in pulling a Cougar Town/TBS and acquiring the series, but no deal is in place at this time.

More to come…


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#3.23 – “Brothas & Sisters” Episode Summary

#3.23 – “Brothas & Sisters” – The third Kerkovich sister, Brooke (guest star Stephanie March), is the alpha sister of the group, and Jane has the daunting task of planning a wedding for her more perfect and exquisite older sibling. Meanwhile, Brad is having a tough time himself dealing with Brooke’s equally more perfect African American fiance, Elliot (guest star James Lesure), and Alex and Dave have a big secret they’re hiding.

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Interview with “Happy Endings” Writers Daniel and Matthew Libman

ABC is home to Happy Endings, one of the best comedies on television today. It’s quick-paced, cleverly written and packed to the gills with talent. It would seem like those ingredients would a renewed season make. But there is one ingredient that trumps all reviews and critical acclaim, and that special sauce is numbers. In an unprecedented move by a network, ABC has launched a campaign asking the viewers to “Save Happy Endings!”

I sat down with writers/brothers Daniel and Matthew Libman, who’ve been working on the show from the jump and have contributed tons of funny, including songs like “Love to the Power of Love” and the idea that Max needed to drive an ‘80’s limo. The brothers shared what it’s like to work on Happy Endings and weigh in on ABC’s campaign to save their show.

Hi, Daniel and Matthew! Google just told me that you guys are long time friends of David Caspe, the creator of Happy Endings.

Matthew: Yes! We’ve been friends since 3rd grade.

That’s so amazing! 

Daniel: How else do you think we would’ve gotten hired on such an awesome show?

Matthew: Yeah, not only do I get to work with my brother, but also one of my oldest, best friends. It’s so much fun to go to work.


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